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Microsoft Launches Skype Beta with 50 simultaneous video conferencing

March 16, Microsoft recently rolled out a new Beta version of Skype for its Insider Preview program, and the main feature of this update is that it expands the original audio footprint to a maximum of 25 people to 50 50 simultaneous audio calls are available with this version, which also provides optional voice notifications for all platforms.

According to the official update, the new feature applies mainly to "large groups" , and when a user initiates an audio call in a group, it sends a notification of the request to each user In addition to not interrupting users who are having an audio session with someone else, Microsoft has added a switch button for voice and video for large groups of audio features.

Microsoft's addition of this feature may not be useful from the point of view of the average user, but from the point of view of the company, it is definitely a very good video calling tool when the enterprise needs more than one person for video conferencing Then the feature will be able to serve it quickly.

At present, Microsoft Skype can only support up to 50 simultaneous audio meetings, while its rival Zoom has completely surpassed Skype in video conferencing software and services because it can support up to 100 simultaneous audio meetings If the number of users is still too small, then the number can also be paid to increase to 500 people.

For the General Enterprise, more than 50 people of Audio Conference support has basically been able to meet the demand, more than 100 people at the same time the function of the conference will generally only be used by large enterprises, normal enterprise meetings are less than 50 people, while Zoom's 500 simultaneous video conferencing feature may not be useful to the enterprise, if you really need 500 simultaneous communication, then it is more practical in the real world.


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