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Echo cancellation: how to eliminate the echo in the video conference

Internet technology has brought about the change in people's communication tools, and the video conference system based on cloud computing has gradually become popular. Because the cloud video conference is mainly used in the remote multi-participation scenario, there are various ways to attend the conference, including PC, mobile phone, tablet, hardware terminal, etc. Even because of mutual interference and the appearance of squealing sound, affect the effect of the meeting!

From a physical point of view, the most important reason for the echo is that the microphone picks up the speaker's voice. Simply put, the microphone picks up the Speaker's Voice First Secondly, the speaker's voice in the same physical space is collected. The interval between the two sounds is short, so it is easy to produce an echo, and even produce whistling when it is serious In addition, there are a number of equipment to join the sound processing effect caused by poor reasons.

In view of the above phenomenon, different ways of attending the meeting can take relevant measures to eliminate the response.

1. PC /Mobile/tablet end participation will be avoided

If the ECHO is caused by the unsatisfactory sound processing of the PC / Mobile / tablet end itself, the sound can generally be muted; electromagnetic interference may be generated between mobile devices So keep your mobile devices at a distance from each other to avoid being too close to each other, and disable the computer's own audio and use a conference microphone with a separate sound card or omnidirectional microphone instead Use only a microphone or omnidirectional microphone for input and output of sound.

2. Single Video Terminal Participation

In a conference room consisting of a single device, it is important to avoid the system microphone being too close to the audio output of the Monitor / TV Speaker, and the two being too close together, which may interfere with each other and produce noise. In addition, suitable conference microphone equipment can be selected in a single conference room based on the conference room scenario, and users should be careful to select hundreds of commercially available equipment for standard conference rooms, which have virtually no echo cancellation module The meeting was a disaster.

Single Terminal

3. Multiple devices in the same physical space

As shown in the figure below, some participants in the conference room need to use their own mobile computer screen because of multiple participants'access to multiple participants. As the voice of the mobile device is repeated with the indoor terminal, there is interference and duplication Participants are generally advised to put on headphones to avoid crosstalk between devices. If the unified physical space has more than one equipment to participate in the conference, speaking can keep one equipment microphone, sound normal use, other equipment with mute, sound minimization can effectively avoid echo.


In the three scenarios described above, the method of avoiding the echo is relatively simple and convenient, in addition to large conference rooms, generally in the decoration and sound layout will take into account these echoes eliminate these content. In addition, the anti-interference of equipment is also very important, also need more attention in use.


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