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How does the Video Conference Terminal Port Map? A video conferencing tutorial on hardware

The hardware video conference system often needs to do the port mapping in the terminal host, especially in the small and medium-sized enterprise hardware video conference which has no fixed IP, the main purpose is to map the IP of the intranet to the public network Interconnectedness. So how do I do port mapping? Let's use TP-LINK's router as an example:

The first router to log on to the videoconference: are different depending on the routing address to set up)

Once inside, find the port map or virtual server and go to the virtual server:

Finally we can set up the PORT MAPPING INSIDE! According to the hardware video conference needs to do the port to set up the mapping external port and internal port and video conference terminal intranet Ip. This can be the video conference host network Ip Mapping to the public network to go!

This is a tutorial on the basics of video conferencing for hardware. Have you learned it?


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