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Omnidirectional Microphones

  • Android IP AV Conferencing Terminal MT1
  • Android IP AV Conferencing Terminal MT1
Android IP AV Conferencing Terminal MT1Android IP AV Conferencing Terminal MT1

Android IP AV Conferencing Terminal MT1

  • ●5.5' 1920*1080 display,16g memory,4g storage
  • ●360° pick-up,wideband audio: 100-22000hz
  • ●256ms echo cancellation
  • ●Full duplex technology
  • Product description: Android network audio and Video Conference Terminal MT1 for the computer USB interface, as a video conference audio terminal, suitable for 10-24 small and medium-sized meeting room. The Best pick-up r

MT1 is a conference phone with multi-point gesture touch FHD screen. It supports Ethernet/WIFI/Bluetooth connection and supports external video and projection equipment for medium and large conferences.

● High quality audio experience

Built-in high-efficiency intelligent DSP, ARM dual-core processor and intelligent voice technology, the system has fast processing speed and strong anti-interference ability, and has strong echo suppression and noise reduction capability. The pickup distance is up to 5 meters, and the voice is clear and noiseless. Users provide a high-quality meeting experience that makes meeting communication easier, clearer and more efficient.

● Modular camera and projection

Support various USB2.0 camera devices and HDMI2.0 interface projection devices, real-time shooting and projection, making video conferencing or screen sharing more personalized, convenient and efficient.

● Reduce teamwork costs

The MT1 smart phone system supports a variety of conference options, such as IP teleconferencing and online Internet conferencing, making team collaboration more convenient and realistic, greatly reducing conference costs.


* Ultra high definition display: 5.5 inch FHD display

* Dual-core processor and large storage

Built-in high-efficiency intelligent DSP, ARM dual-core processor, system processing faster

* Intelligent voice processing technology

360° high coverage smart pickup

256ms echo cancellation

Full-duplex call technology

Dynamic noise reduction

* IP conference call

IP conference phone with Ethernet and WIFI connection

* Internet conference call

Support audio based on computer USB connection or Bluetooth connection instant messaging software, such as skype, QQ, Wechat, etc.

* Three-way calling

When the two parties talk, the user can call the third party without interrupting the call.

* Modular hardware configuration

Support USB 2.0 camera, mouse and HDMI sync interface

* Intelligent interactive interface
SNTP-based time and date synchronization
Custom settings, interface operation is more convenient and faster
* Portable microphone and speaker
No need to drive, support USB connection and Blueto


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