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How should the video conference system be maintained?

As we all know, video conferencing has been widely used by users, and although the network video conferencing powerful, stable operation, even so, we have to learn how to maintain it This makes videoconferencing longer. And in a different season, we should also aim at a video meeting to do different maintenance work, we introduce a video meeting for you in detail how should maintain.

First of all, do not repair all the components of the system, unless you are a system trained repair technicians, in strict accordance with the operation manual for the use and protection of the system;

When disconnecting all cables, please use different connecting methods for different cables, tighten the connector and then pull the plug, do not use brute force to pull the cable. Before joining the cable, make sure the two connectors are facing and aligned correctly;

3. In order to avoid possible electric shock, do not connect or disconnect any cables of the system during a thunderstorm, and do not repair and install the components of the system with live electricity;

4. Most of the components of the video conferencing system have undergone rigorous electromagnetic radiation (EMC) or similar security verification, and the normal conditions will not disturb other electronic products, but when the system requires the addition of electronic devices, please note that your selected products have been tested and verified by similar tests to avoid interference with the existing system;

5. Do not try to restart the HD video conferencing system or device immediately after it is shut down. It is necessary to wait for the cooling fan to stop completely before restarting the projector The time of heat dissipation depends on the operational condition (it is generally recommended that not less than 30 minutes). Other electronic device restart interval time should not be less than three minutes;

6, please adhere to the smooth and ventilation of all devices, otherwise, it may lead to internal components of the device short-circuit and cause a fire or electric shock, and may even form the collapse of the whole system;

7. Insist on a fundamentally clean environment for the operation of the electronic system, free of smoke and dust, which are harmful to the projector and all electronic devices, even though the projector has a sealed, dust-proof, smoke-proof DMD chip;

Thorough maintenance of the above-mentioned points of a video conferencing system to extend the use of time is very useful. The same can also improve its functional stability, image clarity, sound quality more realistic. If you still encounter some maintenance or technical problems during the use of videoconferencing, you can contact the sales and technical staff of Shenzhen Avicon Co. , Ltd. directly, We will provide you with the most satisfactory service at the first time.


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