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Tencent introduced video conference platform to capture corporate market

Dec 25, Tencent Cloud has just released a cloud video conference product known as Tencent Cloud Conference. According to the company's website product description, Tencent Cloud Conference can be widely used in business conferences, meetings, road shows, lectures and forums. Added-value services include face recognition, electronic business card, simultaneous interpretation, live video and other technologies to improve quality and efficiency of communication.

For many years Tencent has been a popular video conferencing tool on its widely-used QQ and WeChat applications but these are solely for the C-end that serves individuals not corporates. However, Wu Zurong, vice president of Tencent Cloud, stated that the company has accumulated rich audio and video technologies over the years to come up the newer version to meet corporate needs.

With the development of cloud computing and other technologies, Tencent Cloud Conference incorporated many new features such as live integration and statistical management.

Currently, Tencent Cloud Conference is working with Poly, YilianYun, XYLink and other hardware manufacturers to develop hardware and peripherals to better integrate into its new business.


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