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Facebook, PEXIP, Tesla and other video conferencing tools appear, raising the ante against Zoom?

Facebook today officially launched Messenger Rooms, an alternative to Zoom and Group FaceTime video conferencing. Messenger Rooms can start and share "Rooms" on Facebook via News Feed, Groups, and Events, which are always accessible. You have the right to choose who can view and enter your room, or when you don't want someone to enter, you can remove that person from the room and block their access. Users can use any email account, not just Gmail.
The epidemic has caused a surge in the number of users of video conferencing software Zoom, whose popularity lies in the simplicity of its functions, but has become its fatal weakness because of security flaws; the tech giants have also reversed their tactics and entered the competition one after another, among them video-conferencing company PEXIP IPO, the share price immediately soared 54%.
On the other hand, Tesla announced that it will offer video conferencing in the car, and Tesla will be able to use the cabin's camera and the car's large central screen to create a local video conferencing system. In the future, video conferences will be on a variety of occasions.


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