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Microsoft files a new patent for an improved video conferencing system

Microsoft has filed a new patent for an improved video conferencing system. The new patent highlights the advantage of using a system setup that could provide a superior meeting experience.

The patent was filed with the WIPO in November 2019 and was published in June 2020. It describes the conferencing system as the following:

The description relates to devices that emit light from a light source. One example device can include a reflector extending along an arc and oriented in light receiving relation relative to the light source. The reflector can have a cross-sectional reflector profile taken transverse to the arc that includes a first portion having a swept profile that transitions to a second portion having a reverse swept profile.

Microsoft hopes to use the system to reduce the effects of lighting and can be used in both conferencing and in security systems.

The discussion relates to light-emitting devices, especially dimensionally constrained as well as wide angle light-emitting devices. Examples of such light-emitting devices can include surveillance cameras and video conferencing devices, among others. Traditionally, emitting a desired radiant intensity and/or pattern of light has proven difficult, especially when device dimensions are limited, and the required field of illumination is of significantly wide angle.


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