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What's 996? Video conferencing system helps you stay away from 996

The 996 work schedule refers to a work schedule that starts at 9 am, leaves at 9 pm, has one hour (or less) rest at noon and in the evening, and works a total of more than 10 hours and works six days a week It represents the overtime culture prevalent in Chinese Internet companies.

But does video conferencing help? One thing's for sure. Companies that have videoconferencing and need multiple places or departments to work together to solve problems can certainly save time and thus help escape 996.

Efficient video conferencing system can bring efficient work efficiency, improve the initiative and flexibility of employees; smooth video conferencing can bring effective and timely communication, so that employees have more time to solve current problems; High-end video conference to bring high image to the enterprise, bring the customer good impression and influence, get the customer's approval.

Finally, whether or not Shenzhen Weihong's video conference can help escape 996, employees should do their best to solve problems for the company and do their job well, whether or not 996 should work hard to improve their own business and living standards!


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